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Kiss your limiting beliefs goodbye and create your desired future!
Linda Stewart is a passionate coach, healer and teacher of transformational energy work. With a background in behaviour change spanning over two decades, she specialises in empowering people to ditch their limiting beliefs so that they can rapidly change their lives and create their desired future. She uses potent transformation tools and modalities including Access Consciousness Bars®️ and Personal Vision Movies™️. To date she has helped facilitate change for hundreds of clients helping them to own their power and Be powerful creators and directors of their reality.

Linda studied Alternative and Complementary Medicine at Westminster University, London, and champions natural, holistic approaches to healthy living and healing. She is a lifelong student of personal development and a passionate facilitator and teacher of transformational energy work. 

Linda is location independent. She is an avid traveller and divides her time between london and south east Asia, where she hosts her invitation only private retreats.

What People Say

I am eternally grateful to Linda for helping me shift gears in my life and make some pivotal decisions which have lead me to where I am today, doing the work I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Ariadne Kapsali

It really worked for me. Linda helped me in achieving my big dream, I’ll be forever grateful.

Federica S

Any exploration taken with Linda will prove to be a celebrated step towards a much brighter future.

Nicole Harvey

What if today your whole life could change?

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